It’s my turn.

"You laugh, without seeing a thing. Loneliness wraps around, widening infinitely. I can’t move. I was changed. In this lonely trap that someone arranged. Before our future melts away. Remember me. While it’s so vivid. Don’t forget me. Paralyzed by how I’ve changed. Tell me…

Is there someone inside me?”

oerbayun asked: lisa mishima or touka kirishima?

i am a ghoul

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Kaneki: I am…a ghoul


Tokyo Ghoul + Episode Titles

ayato kirishima

How is something like this pretty?

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 12 vs.Tokyo Ghoul Chapter 64-66

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Tokyo Ghoul episode 8: Anime & Manga comparisons
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↳ Tokyo Ghoul Birthdays


Mikorin x Swordplay | Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun e.10

"By the way, why were we keeping that secret again?"

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