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Scanned from the newest Karneval artbook “Karneval*Parade 2" by Touya Mikanagi

Karneval - Chapter 17 || Requested by Anon || Colored by 
 Akkey and Mirai's struggle to chase after each other - EP 01|11


Kuriyama Mirai| 

15 Days of Requests!

Day 14: Kuriyama Mirai: She is strong beyond her weakness, she hides a lot of strength inside of her heart, though she may seem clumsy or weak at times, she is still fighting and not afraid to sacrifice herself for someone she treasures. I could write more and more but I will be out of characters ^^ - planetes-x


ship meme: cutest ship  ↬ akihito kanbara x mirai kuriyama

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 1 -

Cherry Blossom Scenery Scenes 

Just because I’m a half-youmu, it’s okay to sneak an attack on me and lie to me?

Love ★ Stage!!  ||  [ PV 2]

Love ★ Stage!!

[] Amnesia World for PS Vita


Amnesia World

Here’s the character in their school uniform in School World..and yeah Orion is back in action

( I still need to unlock Music World and Criminal World by going through the Normal World..)


Reine des Fleurs CGs from the website. There are also new twitter sets for download to suit the new twitter layout.